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Brand Strategies

Designer Central will implement an effective marketing strategy to give you a sustainable competitive advantage and good return on your marketing investment.

Brand Image

Designer Central provides effective brand strategies that will optimise and sustain your competitive advantage and expand your business in terms of brand image, business growth and increased revenue. We will help you attract your targeted audience, strengthen relationships, encourage trust, cement customer loyalty and convert potential clients from browsers, to customers and repeat-buyers.

Strategic Branding Targets
Brand Promise- The promise you make to your consumer.
Corporate Identity – The visual aspects of your brand.
Brand Identity- Everything you want the brand to be.
Brand Image – How the consumer feels about the brand

Designer Central will help you identify and address key issues before recommending brand solutions best suited for your business.

Brand Material

Designer Central will implement an effective brand strategy to give you a sustainable competitive advantage and a good return on your marketing investment.


Educational worksheet provide insight to the basic building blocks that make your brand.

Brand Promise
Swot Analysis
Customer Centric
Tag Line
Define Your Target Audience
Unique Selling Proposition
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Brand Personality


Training workbooks help you understand your brand and allow you time to focus on your business.

Brand Identity
Brand Clarity
Building Your Brand
Business Plan
Personal Branding
Preparing Web Content


Training modules are designed for both management and your brand advocates (your staff).

Value Added Selling
Building Customer Loyalty
Fantastic Staff Build Great Brands
Time Management
Marketing Strategies for Small Business
Develop Your Brand Identity
How to Build Your Brand (Day Workshop)

Designer Central provides concise educational brand material to help you define, build and market your brand.